Predictions – Whether Sasi Kala will Make A Come back.

The biggest mistake sasi Kala is making is that she does not have political guru. Every great leader including J. jayalalitha had political guru namely cho. Ramaswamy.
Secondly Sasikala boss is gone and within 72 days she lost her chief minister post
Next thing is that she was powerful without power. Moment she aspired for power she lost power
She become general secretary of AIADMK and she cannot step into AIADMK head quarters.
She has lost her king, minister post, fort and also the palace poes garden.
Normally jayalalitha will ask people to come and meet her .Sasikala met everyone out side poes garden in koovur.
jayalalijtha use to take money SasiKala gave money to MLA
Her relatives never held power or posts. But now they hold power.
she was powerful when her relatives were not holding party post
Now the battle has to be done by relative
She is having mass protest plus internal rebellion by her own community members
Sasikala has lost the palace, AIADMK head quarter, Tamilnadu Cheifminister post plus the battle is fought by her relatives
She has given farewell party to all the AIADMK MLA in golden resort.

Following is the prediction

Sasikala will go down from every thing to nothing like the duryodana or Saddam Hussein.
She will lose control of liquor and many business
She will be prosecuted in few more cases.
Her property will be confiscated.
She will lose control of AIADMK.   Her relatives will be removed out of the party.
She will die lonely. like all men what she does she will reap. Example Saddam Hussein.
enemies will hunt her down.
New leader will come.
It will take 2 3 years before AIADMK will settle down.
There is chance for Tamilnadu assembly to be dissolved and  fresh election is announced.
Succession battle will have twist and turn in AIADMK.
A new  leader for AIADMK party will emerge
Edapadi vote in the assembly will go through by whimper or quite close.
Some one already in.politics with out minister post will emerge in AIADMK.

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by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

31st october ,2008 11:34 AM

When Iraqis cry after the bomb blast whom they curse?,
when a Iraqi mother cries after losing their children who do they curse?
When the children cry for their food and the parents see it? Whom do they curse?
Of course the bloody Americans.

Lehman brothers, Meryl lynch, credit Susie Boston,etc were very intelligent people. They were more educated, qualified than most of the masses. Why did they do the mistakes and created financial mess? why are americans suffering so much? chennai based astrologer feels that curse deluded the mind and suffering becomes self created.

When so many people curse how can anyone be peaceful, happy and prosperous? Just as if the whole world felt something was wrong, protest erupted before the Iraq war. This was as if people were feeling something was going to go wrong. Psychically curse of relatives at someone’s funerals is more powerful than atom bomb. Curses of parentless children, curse of widows, curses of gurus are very powerful.

The Indian scriptures are full of the curses of the people. Ramayana begins with the curse of dasaratha; the Mahabharata with the curse of the brothers of sakuni, skikandi who kills bheesma was also due to the vow and curse
America would take longer time to recover compared to the other countries. With this a new order in financial system will be born.

May god forgive me for pointing out of the other person mistake,
May the whole of west understand the subtle working of the karma,
May i dedicate this merit so that prayer of Francis of Assisi be followed in the world.

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

24TH OCTOBER, 2008 3:10PM

Sensex is spinning. the government is trying to put a stop to this spin by infusing liquidity. also banks are doing their level best to difuse the situation. selling pressure is increasing. India is running kethu bhukthi. FII’s will continue to withdraw the money. The government is hesistant to ban shortselling and FII. This situation will continue to escalate.

Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan predicts that sensex may fall below 7000 points. Nifty can trade well below 2000 points. It just a matter of time.

by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

25TH OCTOBER, 2008 12:10PM

srilankan army have become effective and proactive against LTTE. Also they are targetting LTTE supremo Prabhakaran.

chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan says that as per the srilankan independence chart, saturn is transiting the lagna which is simha. so whenever saturn transits the lagna, there will be a beginning. So Srilanka is going to have new begining with the fall of LTTE and killinoichi. LTTE supremo Prabakaran will be on the run.


by Chennai based Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

21st october, 2008, 10:00AM

The meeting of rahu and Jupiter will always produce more agony in to the world of financial markets. Earlier when Jupiter and rahu met the world tower hit of Sep 11 2001 happened. Secondly the world financial markets became more problematic. The same combination is going to happen. Last time the conjugation happened in mithuna and now it is in makaram. Mithuna symbol rules the USA and the makaram ruled by Indian.

Big words like liquidity, credit rates, crr rates and repo rates are used by the TV journalist. Cut all the crap and what happens beneath these big words is this articles.Chennai based Astrologer K.B. Gopalakrishnan talks about the effects and the implications of it and the unfolding of indian subprime crisis.

• In India there is going to be job axes and slow down in recruitment in the key sectors like that of information technology, BPO, airlines, banks, hotels and automobile sectors.
• USA is not going to outsource the jobs and project. Therefore it will be IT and BPO sectors which will be first affected.
• The connected sectors of housing markets, banks, hotels and automobile will have problems.
• Inflation trends will continue. All the talk of controlling inflation will be surprised by the market movement.
• No jobs or less jobs and price rise will happen. The first casualty will be the Indian credit markets.
• There will be lot of defaulters in the credit card market.
• The secondary area will be housing and the auto loans segments.
• People will not have money and loans will be very high. So no one will be able to repay the money
• Thirdly the property market which has always gone up will have severe correction. This means property prices will come down resulting in subprime crisis
• There will be panic selling and therefore the land prices will come down which will further trigger subprime crisis.
• When the loan price and property prices do not match many will default. For the first time the property prices can be well below the bought prices.
• Added to this the government will also play with the interest rates.
• Ketu bhukthi will be over by 9 09 2009 after which it will be sun dasa period. By that time only rahu and Jupiter will move out. Till then next 9 months of agony will continue

If you are smart clear the loans or have a stable job. Do not resign. Make a contingency for next 12 months.
Whenever congress has left the power, economy was problematic.
Whenever BJP have left power they left behind good economy
Whenever BJP had taken over they will have a economy problems.

I do not belong to Goldman Sachs, credit Susie Boston, Meryl lynch, Arthur Anderson, mckinesys. one thing is clear that the great maharishi parasara and 18 rishis are far superiors than these so called white colored English speaking elite. Over all not a single television station or media has covered the real reason behind the debacle and the reasons given by media is biased.

We tried putting articles in e-zine sites and it gets rejected because it is based on Indian astrology. Such is the bias on Indian astrology.
There is no single model of economics which can predict in advance the rise and fall of economy. Someone asked me why USA economy is negative in spite of so many noble prizes in economics.

My answer is that there are models which analyses the past but no comprehensive holistic broad based and future oriented model like the Indian astrology. John Nash got noble price in economics but would have got couple of noble prize if he had learnt Indian astrology. When you do not consider cycle of sun and moon how any model can be clear. But mass bias will not allow these people to use astrology effectively.
I have done every single predictions based on Indian independence chart. I do not have army of people who will work for me, I neither have crunch numbers nor put long hours in the analysis, I neither draw fat salary nor talk smart nor think I have figured out the world. the entire article was written in half an hour. I have brokers who have been amazed at the level of my predictions and yet they do not come out in open and talk about it.

May I dedicate this merit to my family for good health, to future birth of my son in my lineage and to long life of my teacher sensei kirtie.
May peace of mind and positive speech be there in the lineage.

From the bottom of the heart thanks to jai deep Gandhi who works in a property consultant company Cushman and Wakefield for his valuable insights. I pray lord that his career should go well.

by Chennai based Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

21st october, 2008, 4:00pm

Indian states are going for the elections. Without going in to astrological combination Chennai based Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan does the analysis and predicts the result of the elections

for the following states.
In Rajasthan – BJP will lose the election.
Madhya Pradesh – uma bharathi will make inroad. BJP will lose the election.

For other two states analysis will be done at a later period


by chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

9th october ,2008, 10:00AM

One of my student who is a stock broker met me in the early part of this year and we were discussing the details of the previous bull run and corrections. The post harshad mehta and also the ketan parekh period were discussed. Both the times the market had corrected more than half. Without going into cumbersome details I would get into the facts. The market touched 21,000 and the correction will stop only if the market reaches 8,000. As such market will touch well below 10,000 before December 2009.

Many people were angry and astonished about the predictions simply because it was hitting the wildest expectation. Certain criterion of Indian stock market needs to be understood. Earlier times when the sensex market went up it went up slowly and there was minimum level of correction followed by gains. Now the Indian stock market will go down very fastly as much as it goes up fastly. As such the correction will be twice the speed of the up wards moment.

Therefore when the stock market reached 21,000 points at a fast speed, it is not a wonder when the market touched 12,000 points within nine months. Many people use the technical chart and fundamental chart. Most of the markets has become the momentum market which replicates the global market more or less.

My call is sensex will hit well below 10,000 points before the month of December.

  • Sebi relaxing the norms on p notes or on the crr hike can only hold the market temporarily. With the mighty dasa of Venus coming to end and sun bhukthi beginning not only political and also economics of this country is in for major changes.
  • Global market will continue in the turmoil phase till end of December 2008. When Jupiter enters the tenth house in kalapurhsha chart situation can cool down.
  • As such till July 2009 this problem in the global market will persist.
  • Someone spoke about tsunami which will hit 2012. This financial problem is bigger in magnitude and calamity which is rewriting the world financial order for ever.

One of my friend called me from Canada and said that god will take care. That is the problem with human being when reality hits very hard people expect a miracle to happen to retrieve the situation. But this will only prolong the misery. Some one sent a letter saying that by diwali Indian markets will revive. With ketu bhukthi running astrology shows that these hopes will get dashed.

India Bull Run is over and the bear market is only half way through.

I know a lady who trades in the market. She was all praise for analyst and some big names in the industry who have been saying sweet things like every time market goes down that is will peak up and this is just one of the waves.

If you have money in mutual funds or in the stocks pull it out unless you are looking at the market with a barrier of 10 years,.

All the so called FII’s who have invested in India are the same people which are thick in the bank problems in the USA. There fore they will continue to pull out the money. If the Indian market had been fundamentally strong and technically very good then FIIs becoming bankrupt will not have any impact on the Indian stock market.

But 80% of the Indian market is ruled by FII’s money. Do not even waste time in believing that these guys will come back. Until the problems are solved in USA they will keep pulling out of Indian markets.

Like religion hope is the opium of the masses.

May I dedicate this merit to physical problem I have and May it get healed and to the success of lineage’s spiritual and material growth.

by Chennai based Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

4th march,2008, 10:00AM

Without getting into the astrological analysis it will be Australia who will dominate the Indian test series. There can be some good performance. But over all Australians will sail over. As usual Indians performance in one day will good.


by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

16TH SEPTEMBER, 2008 1:11PM

This topic will hurt many Bengalis please forgive me for that. What one worships is what one will become in life. This is true for the society or in the personal life.

Take the case of Mumbai. People of Mumbai worship Goddess Mahalakshmi and Lord Ganesa. In fact Lord Ganesa chaturthi is celebrated as a grand festival. People who worship lakshmi and ganesa become very rich. Food will be abundant and the whole place will become prosperous.

Take the case of West Bengal. The great Ramakrishna Paramahamsa opened the energy of tantra which is great. Still today the great goddess mother kali is worshipped and in fact ten day poojas are conducted. It is ashtami thithi ruled by rahu.

Durga means fort virtually one party rule. Secondly they use the instrument of war like sickle and hammer in communist party symbol and the color is red. All symbolizes the durga. the people who worships durga gets very angry. Women dominate the house. They will not have money or money will be there only for the essentials. Land is one of the major issues for people who worship durga.

Communists are opposing a woman born on durga ashtami day. She will always be a problem for them. Unless the deity is changed Bengal will be a great tantric bhumi not a prosperous place like Mumbai.

Even Chennai has astalakshmi temple which makes besant nagar very rich. For instance tirupati has Lord venkateshwara as the deity. It is the richest temple and the entire district connected to tirupati is also rich.

Even tata’s and nano cannot bring in prosperity because the soft ware called the deity need to be changed.

Astrology Analysis On Indian Land Problems..

by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

17TH SEPTEMBER, 2008 1:11PM

India has many planets in the kataka. So if one takes kataka as the lagna then the 4th lord is in the 12th house. This means Indians going abroad or moving away from the birthplace and birth country will be successful. Secondly land acquisition will be problematic for government.

Saturn is in the 4th house and 4th lord from many planets is in 12th house or with 6 8 12 lords.

India politicians want to industrialize the country. But they have to understand the mass psychology where land and mother is associated. It is same as in Indian astrology. In fact more emotional feelings are associated with land. Unless this sentiment is dealt with extensively, the political way of dealing with industrialization will lead to outright war, pain and postponement of the projects.


by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

16TH SEPTEMBER, 2008 1:11PM

The great epic Ramayana has a character called valli. Who ever fights with him will lose half the strength and no one can win him straight. In the same way Chennai based astrologer would describe Mamata Banerji. Any one fighting with her openly will lose and she will gain momentum and strength.  With Venus dasa and kethu bhukthi running and saturn in the 4th house, tata will have to tell bye bye to the project to west bengal.

Mamata is born on durga astami (some Bengalis told me ) and the navaratri fast approaching. It will be difficult for Buddhadev or anyone to defeat Mamata. She will be uncompromising, straight and sincere. Playing politics or political game will only make her violent and stall the project.

Men in power forget the simple rule that the solutions have to be comprehensive, holistic and brutally fair. That is why all great emperors fell down by rebellion and discord comes out. Buddha dev can think he can impose rules because he has power.

As such this project will get delayed, postponed and solutions can be in near sight at least till December.

Tata rolling out their Nano will be delayed from singur.


by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

16TH SEPTEMBER, 2008 1:11PM

Saturn in the 4th house of India and secondly India is running kethu bhukthi. Kethu is in Scorpio which ruled by mars. Next will be the sun dasa for India where 4th Lord Venus in the 12th house.

The whole India is changing from agrarian to industrial society which will not be very easy. A person who meditates or a great being like guru padmasambhava or the great gorka nath can solve the issues. Men who are political by nature will mess it up.

Till November 2009 it will tough for many special economic zones- sez’s to take off. Many industrial houses will be forced to their knees by farmer fights and agitation. Men of power trying to treat the farmers cheaply will see rebellion all over the country.

Mamata has set a trend or pattern which will be followed all over India.

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