by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

5TH SEPTEMBER, 2008 10:05 am

I am against caste based reservation. I have seen many people who are very rich and enjoy these reservations. There are poor people from the upper caste who suffer.

The mind of politicians which operates on the lower frequency must be blessed to rise in to higher chakra which will help them to see these matters from multi dimensional angle.

My solution is very simple. Reservation based on multiple criteria not a single one will produce good result. For example some of the criteria can be parents education, income level, place the person comes from, school whether government or private etc. for all these marks can be awarded from one to ten scales. All these criteria can be added to give a score whether the person is eligible to claim the quota or not. Caste can be one of the criteria but not the only criteria.

A person who has poor parents born in upper caste or a person born in lower caste but comes from village will give due advantage.

When this is applied truly deserving people will get the place and secondly many people will get reservation in spite of caste or religion. Of course like all system this can be refined. For example in a state like Bengal the place from which a person comes can be given higher marks and for a state like Tamilnadu parents education can be given more criteria or income.

I appreciate the efforts of Ambedkar who did social revolution by drafting a law on reservation. This law has served beyond its time. Efforts need to be put on upgrading from what Dr. Ambedkar left. Instead of blindly following the reservation template set by ambedkar 50 years ago which lead social injustice and equality, the true problem can be solved by multi dimensional viewing.

by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

5TH SEPTEMBER, 2008 10:05 am

The American mass consciousness is in for a major change. They will vote for Barack Obama and make him the first black president of America. Of course like all the major revolution this is happening with least understanding for many people. What will follow will be a major historic decision.

It is going to be 7 years after the bin laden men hit the WTC tower. With that hit my career in mundane astrology also took off. Every year in the last 7years I have crossed from one level to another level in mundane astrology.

I still remember vividly when one of the top sify executive, a lady visited my house. I asked her to help me to publish the prediction for which she refused because of official reason. I was waiting for some miracle to happen. Then suddenly someone called up from and asked my opinion as an astrologer about the aftermath of WTC hit. One Mr. venkataraman had referred me to It was called as dooms day predictions which were carried in the front page of tehelka web site. Majority of the astrologer had predicted the loss of American forces in the Afghanistan. My answer to tehelka reporter was that Americans will win in a short battle and the economy will recover.

One day I was watching the television and saw Donald Rumsfeld talking on Iraq. Suddenly I felt he was preparing for the war against Iraq. Immediately I checked the chart and understood that war was in evitable. Sep 1 2002 was the day Mr. Kennedi of put up my predictions on the Iraq war. It was a stunner where many people never expected an astrologer to predict on the Iraq war. He really stood by me in those times. It was in January 2003 {I am not very sure} the predictions came true. Also I met an American solider sent by destiny to assure me that the prediction was correct for he was packing his bags to Saudi Arabia after the tarot class with me.
With the war break my orders level from sify just shot up. So much so my life is connected with the happenings of America history .

by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

26th MAY, 7:46 PM

Food prices and oil prices are increasing day by day. Government is trying to get the strategy to curb the price inflation.

But Chennai based astrologer has different thing to say. Astrological analysis shows that the price inflation will reduce only when Saturn transits into the rashi of Virgo in 2009. Till then the price inflation may go unabated.



K.B.Gopalakrishnan, chennai based astrologer has come out with a book on nadi techniques. This book has lot of rules, insights and horoscope analysis to explain the readers about the rules. A book for budding astrologers.


1.what is bhrigu nandi nadi

2.principles of transits-Saturn, rahu and Jupiter

3. nadi and profession

4. Nadi and karakas

5. Timing of events

6. fall in career

7.Amshas And Nadi

by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

13th JULY, 2008 7:00 AM

Many astrologers have written off our Indian Prime Minister Mr. Man Mohan Singh. In this age of media and television one will get influenced easily. So media has been projecting that the UPA government is in crisis. One needs to look into the astrology chart and base the prediction on that.

Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan has written many a times the government will survive using the astrology analysis. He does the same astrology analysis to predict about the Man Mohan Singh’s UPA government.

Since the correct birth time of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Man Mohan Singh is subject to speculation, there fore the swearing in chart for 22 may 2004 with thula lagna is taken.

Here are the basic points one needs to consider.

Astrological analysis of the swearing in chart shows the number of planets in the ninth house and connected to ninth lord is almost 5 planets

Next if one reduces the vimshottari dasa to5 year’s period then the dasa of moon and Mercury bhukthi is running. This means the dasa of 10th lord and the bhukthi of ninth lord is running. How will Man Mohan Singh government fall.

If one uses the nandi nadi techniques for astrology prediction seeing from guru is done. The tenth house from guru very strong.

Mercury the bhukthi lord is associated with rahu there fore all this confusion.

Moon will be nakshtra of rahu on July 22nd 2008 when the no confidence motion comes to the parliament.

Many Indian politician are brilliant than the average masses. That is why they rule the country. All these people would have worked out the figures and taken every contingency step before making the final letting go of the Left party.  The media projects as if it is unsure of the state of the Man Mohan Singh government. This is done just to increase TRP rating of their news programmes.

Every one has a price. Even kings can be bought. Every one will be paid their due price. Be it TRS or TPS or Vaiko front, every one has a price. Many big wigs have some thing to lose. All these people will pool in their money power to make sure that the congress government continues. One of the other reason congress wants to be out of Left party is that they can go ahead with the reform process which will help them in a huge way to control the inflation at one level.

Mulayam walked into congress coalition due to pressure from Mayawati who is out to finish him. She has hit his financial hub by targeting all the people with whom Mulayam has deals or vested interest. Subrato Roy who is owner of the Air Sahara has huge business empire. She smashed the building of Roy using bulldozers and that must have sent shock waves to Mulayam.  Anil Ambani is next in the line. She had fired against Amitabh Bacchan using land deal.  Then Mayawati had hit Subrato Roy. All these people do not want mayawati to do any thing against their money and to protect Mulayam Singh’s power.

All in all the no confidence motion will fail. Like all the men in waiting for power, BJP supremo advani will also have surprises in life.


|           |Me   Ra    |Su   HL    |Mo   Ma    |

|           |           |Md   Gk    |VeR  Sa    |

|           |           |           |           |

|           |           |           |           |

|           |           |           |           |


|AL         |                       |           |

|           |                       |           |

|           |                       |           |

|           |                       |           |

|           |                       |           |

|———–|         Rasi          |———–|

|           |                       |Ju         |

|           |                       |           |

|           |                       |           |

|           |                       |           |

|           |                       |           |


|           |GL         |As   Ke    |           |

|           |           |           |           |

|           |           |           |           |

|           |           |           |           |

|           |           |           |           |


by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

1st JULY, 2008 8:35 PM

I had already written the fall of Indian equity market and repeatedly warned many of my friends about the fall of the markets. The question is when and where it will stop.

Till the year end the Indian market will be in a correction mode. Easily Sensex market can be well below 10,000 points in two years time and nifty will be well below 2500.

The Indian Sensex gain is all made up analysis with out sound logic. How can the Indian equity market trade higher than Dow Jones?

Chennai based astro analyst K.B.Gopalakrishnan says not listen to the analysis. When ever bull market has corrected in India it has been severe. Half of the bull market is bear correction stopping.

Do not listen to analyst who does not have gods grace to see the future. Their so called theory is total misguidance.

Buy gold. Do not buy equity or rather get in to bear mode.

The correction will continue it will be down ward graph with few minor up swings.

The TV channels will never allow you see reality of some vested interest.

K.B.Gopalakrishnan says that the market will still bottom down.



by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

1st JULY, 2008 8:35 PM

God gave a wonderful situation to predict on the fixed and floating rate. I asked my friend Ramalingam for some emergency expenses. He was also to buy the land. He combined both and took the loan. Kind enough to give me money

Then it turned out little less than expected of the details. I started asking for details about the bank interest rates and he had no answers. Then I realized that I have got in to mess. Any way I asked his wife and him to find out the details. Slowly it began to emerge that the banks were less than willing to provide information. They were playing all kinds of games. Then they gathered many details and I asked them to convert from floating to fixed rate

Following is the predictions. I owe it to Mrs. Jayashree Ramalingam and Mr. Ramaligam and god, for god has tricky ways of showing me the reality.

The RBI has increased REPO rate and CRR rates many times from 2001. So the first question is- will interest rate go up. Chennai based astro analyst K.B.Gopalakrishnan  says that the interest rates will go up and not be surprised even if it reaches 16- 17%

The banking industry in India is tightly controlled Reserve Bank Of India is never comfortable with lot of money with public. So it will put checks and balances all the time.

So Chennai based astro analyst K.B.Gopalakrishnan says that if you have floating rates for houses, bikes or cars or any kind of loan convert it to fixed. The banks especially private one like ICICI and HDFC will play games. He warns people to be careful with private banks and easier with the nationalized banks

Here are the suggestion Given by K.B.Gopalakrishnan

  • Convert from private bank to private sector bank if possible.

  • Pay of the loan quickly and do not dream of Indian market of being in the boom period forever.

  • If you are the reader of the web site help people to convert from floating to fixed.

  • Secondly do not listen to what sales people tell you for they are meant to get business.

  • Study the finer details of bank’s agreement and you will appreciate what is said in terms of interest rate.


by Chennai based astrologer JAYASHREE RAMALINGAM

1st JULY, 2008 8:35 PM

It all started in January 2007. My husband wanted to buy land. All his friends were buying lands and investing money in the landed properties. On of his friend suggested taking loan in ICICI bank. So we called the representative of ICICI bank. They gave all the details that go with the taking the loan. Later only we realized that it was all very superficial.

Back to the story for taking ten lakhs we need to give 13,000 as the processing charge and all the documents. We went for a mortgage loan. At this point the bank representative kept on insisting us going for the floating rate. The floating rate at that point was 11.5% and the fixed rate was 13%. Like all middle income class family we opted for the floating rate as the interest was less.

One fine evening we gave all the necessary documents along with the cheque for Rs.13000 for processing. Next day

immediately they had deposited the cheque for processing and the amount was debited from our account by 10 am. It was a quite a shock for us. Within three days of signing all the documents and processing the loan of 10 lakhs was released. By that time interest has gone to 13.5%, 2% more than what was written in the processing document. This rise had happened within three days. We were happy getting the loan and we went on to purchase two plots of land for 7 lakhs. At that time my teacher wanted some cash for he was doing remodeling of his house. We gave him RS.3 lakhs. Now my teacher kept on insisting to tell him about the interest he needs to pay us. We did not know how to calculate as there were many charges added to getting the loan like processing charge, increase in the loan interest. As we were paying Rs.1300/lakh as EMI, we asked him to give the same amount..

At this point my teacher K.B.Gopalakrishnan wanted to know the break up for this EMI – the principal and the interest component of the EMI. We didn’t have answer for it. My husband went to the bank to get it. The bank was reluctant to give that information. my teacher he kept on telling me that instinctively he did not feel alright about the whole issue. I started going to the bank. There was lot of altercations with them. Finally when they gave us the details of the principal and interest component, the interest rate has increased to 14.5%. For this increasing my tenure had risen from 180 months to 236 months. We calculated the EMI for the increased tenure period. It came to nearly Rs.5 lakhs. We were totally flabbergasted and devastated. We did not know what to do as we had paid only one EMI.

Now I started going to the bank. As I waited for my turn to speak to the executives I could see the fear and apprehension on the face of the people who had taken the loan. My turn came and I enquired the customer relation officer about the interest increase. They could not give me the correct reply. I had to resort to shouting in the bank. Now the branch manager came into the picture.

He told me that across the banks the interest had increased. I was angry at him for not informing us the increase, because as the loan recipient I was entitled to make choice of either paying the increased interest or increasing the tenure. The bank did not offer me the choice.

Now the banks calculation was like this

  1. 0.5% increase was calculated as Rs.28 to be added as excess in the EMI every month. As we were not informed about the change we remitted from our bank the original 13,000 rupees as the EMI for 10 lakhs. So there was a deficit in the EMI. The deficit amount was tallied for the entire 180 months.

  2. Now once again the bank calculates the interest for the total deficit month. Either we can pay the deficit or they simply increase the tenure.

  3. Mind it no bank gives the real calculation for the interest increase. There are many hidden charges. What they show us is the approximation. We got this information after we literally fought with them.

As per my teacher’s instruction I started recording all the meeting I had with the bank officials. As soon as we enter the bank area, we were asked to

My teacher then advised me to go in for fixed rate. After much pressure from our side the bank told us that it will charge 1.9% on the principal as the conversion charges. But now the bank had put the clause that we cannot convert from floating to fixed rate within the first six months of taking the loan. But the representative had told us that the conversion was possible after paying the first EMI. This was the second blow for us.

So we had to wait for five months for the conversion. Basically I realized that banks did not want their customers to change from floating rate to fixed rate. Finally we paid the fixed rate conversion amount of Rs. 19,000. At that time the fixed interest was 14% and floating interest was 14.5%. We got the reduction in the interest rates which got converted into reduced tenure of 36 months.

I should really thank my teacher K.B.Gopalakrishnan for this. Had he not intervened we would have got trapped into the eternal web of debt with the ICICI bank.

Now he wanted me to share this experience with others, which I am doing it.

by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

20th JUNE, 2008 2:27 PM

Senator BaRack ObaMa has finally reached the final campaign of the American presidency. His opponent is McCain whose chances other than media writing does not look fanciful.

Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan says that there are other reasons for ObaMa winning the American presidency.

First of all the black community is so united in having first black president.

Secondly ObaMa is young and every one loves him. McCain is old and not many people want oldness in any system.

Thirdly ObaMa speech represents for freedom, change, down to earth living, stripping of protocols which many Americans want. They want fresh blood.

People are sick and tired of war. If the republican candidate McCain comes to power they will continue the nasty war in Iraq.

After the action movie, people want to see some romantic movie

The republican had ruled for 8 years so the shift of energy to democrat is there.

Every 8 -12 years democrat will come to power.

The American economy will get revived in democrat era and what will be good will be messed by republicans.

Saturn in simha shows new political order.

It looks like America democracy is ripe to make history with ObaMa becoming the first black president of united states

Whether he lives up to promise is another big questions.

by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

7th JUNE, 5:30 PM

The clay of court of Roland Garros is getting heated up as the men’s final is coming closer. It will be once again Federer Vs.Nadal.

Chennai based Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan does astrological analysis and  predicts  that the Angel Rafael will win the French open finals for the fourth time.

by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

4th JUNE, 12:00 PM

With the IPL fever is over the heat has turned towards the French open which has started in Roland Garros. lot of contemplation and close watch of the matches are happening to know the winner.

Chennai based Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan does astrological analysis and predicts that Roger Federer will not win the French open this year.

by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

26th MAY, 7:46 PM

Food prices and oil prices are increasing day by day. Government is trying to get the strategy to curb the price inflation.

But Chennai based astrologer has different thing to say. Astrological analysis shows that the price inflation will reduce only when Saturn transits into the rashi of Virgo in 2009. Till then the price inflation may go unabated.

by Chennai based K.B.Gopalakrishnan

3rd Feb., 2007 6:45 pm

Many people think astrology is a techniques and science that do not require any kind of discipline. This notion will never allow them to understand astrology in a deeper sense.

If one wants to become a good astrologer following niyama should be followed.

  • Thank the guru who taught you this science. If you have learnt from books then offer thanks to people who wrote the book. Basically the planet guru will also get activated.

  • Secondly chant navagraha slokam every day, do pooja, light lamp in the temple.

  • Once in a month offer abhisekam for the navagraha.

  • Go to temple and do circumbulation of navagrahas 9 times.

  • Do speak ill of others. this will reduce the vak siddie.

  • Pray for the welfare of the clients to be successful, happy and peaceful.

  • Pray for astrology as a science to be successful

  • Pray for astrologers to be successful.

  • When you do the reading invoke the navagraha and thank the rishis. This will help you to read the horoscope from the correct angle.


  • Cut the cords from chakra

  • Ground the energy.

  • Thank god and ask for sorry any mistakes you have done.

  • Pull back the aura.

  • Mentally release all clients who have come for the reading.

  • Once a week have salt water bath or sea bath. You can also put sambarani in the room.

The trick in astrology is to see from the correct angle from which the horoscope is working. That is why people who do worship of any deity are for more successful than ordinary people. These kinds of prayers will clear the third eye clogging which will help to have peaceful mind plus clarity in thinking. Many astrologers feel tired irritated with few readings because of the pranic debris which get collected in the third eye.

By Chennai based Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

April 11,2008. 1:40 PM

Indian stock market is in the correction mode or in the bear phase. Many people expect the market to stop the correction and go up wards. The media also helps in believing that Indian economy is growing and we will be economic stock super power. Let us do the analysis to understand the bear market from astrology point of view.

World renowned and Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan feels that the stock market correction will not stop till Jupiter leaves dhanus. This means the Indian sensex will be in the bearish mode at least till the end of diwali 2008.

Secondly whenever Indian bull market corrected and the bear market have stepped in. The valuations nifty sensex points have come half of the peak. This means if the sensex market has touched 6000, then the correction some were will be 3000- 2500 points. Only then the bearish market will stop. So correction of 1600 points can be easily awaited. This can be taken as a stock tip from astrological point of view.

The market will correct every alternate month steeply. The earlier lower bottom will be breached easily. The market in BSE levels will see easily below 10,000 sensex points.

It is very simple theory to understand the steep dip in the stock points. Compared to Singapore, Hong-Kong, Korea, Indian sensex market and economy is not very strong. In Indian city only, there is lot of money but not in villages. Therefore to think India has come to a top notch in the Asian market is a limited notion. Added to this the market GDP and sectoral growth will show that India markets have long way to catch up.

Therefore the World renowned and Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan says that the so called hedge funds had pumped the market and now they are dumping the Indian stock markets. There fore within one year they will exit with lot of so called retail investor having stock papers which will be worth less.

By Chennai based Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

April 11,2008. 1:40 PM

This article clearly delineates about stock market crash. One of the world greatest companies General electrical has a way of eliminating people. Each year 10% of the least performing employees are ask to put out their papers. This way the attrition is controlled, accepted and performance is rewarded. The same theory goes into sensex stock markets. Whenever the market corrects, 20% of the people will get eliminated.

This holds good in Indian sensex-BSE AND NSE. Stock brokers who do not have much experience in the trading and people who enter stock trading based on the hype and media filled stories will be thrown out of the market. The people who are Indian stock market savvy and have strong stock information and investing will only survive.

It takes three to ten year cycle to make lot of money in the stock markets. Most people who lose in the stock market lose with in 6 – 10 months. With the current Bull Run one can expect very fast way of eliminating many people. That is why in the recent time many stock brokers who are in hiring spree lost out and the volume have dipped.

Therefore World renowned and Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan can easily say that nearly 50-60% of stock investor will be out of the markets. It will be a painful correction for many small time investors.

The global financial mercenary called the hedge funds.

The have simple rule.

Step one

Buy a market, buy a sector

Step two-

Then pump up the valuation nicely.

Step three

The media will go ga – ga over this bull market. All small investor will come and invest due to astounding rise in valuations.

Step four

Dump the market and come out of it.

These is trend can be seen in Chinese and Indian stock markets. In the last one year the sensex index went up by 7000 points. The government kept quiet and media made a big splash in terms of news. Once the government tightened the regulation with p notes, these hedge funds started to dump the Indian market from January. Slowly many Indian investors have lost their money in stocks.

These funds operate the market. All the fundamental and technical analysis of Indian stocks will be of no use because these hedge funds use their money power to buy these markets. These hedge funds have billions of dollars and they have no government control. The so called emerging market theory does not hold good due to corrections which are steep and the valuations which is out stretched. Normally these hedge funds operate on the principle of one to three years. One of the funds partner is Bill Clinton. Warren buffet with drew from Chinese market by Sep 2007 and then the market fell down.

One can be stock analyst or day traders. But without knowing this simple truth one will lose money. World renowned, Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan says that the stock investors have to be careful. If you are investing money in mutual funds and stocks withdraw the money. These valuations will go down further. When nifty touches 2500 there after invest.


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